About Us

Bow Wow Country Club


As we approach our fifth anniversary on April 1, 2017, we want to share what we have learned. When we first started our Country club for dogs, we had a vision of dogs running, swimming and playing together all day long. What we now know is that this is not ideal for every dog.

Our canine friends come to us at varying ages from pups of 4 months to seniors of 15 years old. Some of our visitors are extremely high energy, some are lethargic and some are anxious and fearful.

So we have grown to manage our guests in a manner best suited to their character and temperament.

Our goal is to send home a happy healthy dog who has been adequately stimulated both physically and mentally to ensure an optimal, safe, well rounded experience.

Our Philosophy

Our facility is made up of 5 separate yards and 2 large 5 acre parks, one which includes a spring fed pond.

The daycare program includes hours of outdoor play, one on one cuddle time with our team, rest time, ….

Alternatively, for those that crave 24/7 human contact, we offer in home sleeping arrangements

Meet Our Team