Bow Wow Country Club

“Our dogs, Coco & Tessa, didn’t want to leave! Bow WOW is the best”


“Any time I have the chance to share Angus’ home away from home info, I do it and … why not, this is a great opportunity to do so.

When BWCC opened its door ( about 3 years ago), my friend told me about their friends starting a boarding place in a great location close to Toronto where at the time my crazy dog could go, run and enjoy until exhaustion 13 acres of  24/7 supervised freedom without any risk of him running away (every inch is fenced in) and, the most important , with the benefits of being well taken care of, loved and treated the same way their own dogs are treated. In other words, sleeping anywhere around the house, jumping on the couch, being spoiled and so on…

First visit, my dog had a good time, I fell in love with the place and I did like the owners. But… when the time to send my pooch to a new, different place for boarding came, the likeness turned into something different.  As a dog owner full of fears, I started to send Angus for boarding one day at a time.  For the first four or five times, while Angus was having a blast, I had my heart in my hands and I am not going to lie: I didn’t have good night sleeps.

Time and Angus’ attitude have shown and proven me that there’s only one place where my now well behaved, loving dog feels like being @ home: BWCC.  To be honest, sometimes I wonder if he really wants to come back home after spending a few hours, days or weeks over there.

A big thank you to BWCC owners and staff for giving me peace of mind and for providing us with such an amazing, impeccable location and share your disciplined love with our furry friends. As far as Angus and I are concerned, we will be always part of the BWCC family!!!!”