About Us

Bow Wow Country Club


As the parents of our playful Boxer, Lola, our active Australian Labradoodle, Charlie, and our anxious Portuguese Water Dog, Juno, we were originally inspired to start Bow WOW Country Club because we often found that public dog parks had dogs who were unsuited to open play. It was also hard to find a place to send our 3 dogs when we were away that would care for them the way we did, keeping in mind their different personalities. Through our frequent visits to dog parks, we met many dog owners who faced similar issues. This led us to start dog boarding in our home. As our numbers grew, we decided to move our business to a lush green oasis in Schomberg, where we built a facility that now makes our dogs and our guests say “bow WOW!”

At Bow WOW Country Club, we are pleased to offer your dog an amazing vacation, whether it be for a few hours, or several weeks. We enjoy spending time with all dogs, playing fetch, running in the great outdoors, and watching our guests’ tails wag with excitement as they play and make new friends. We treat every guest as our own, and use our knowledge and love for dogs to provide them with an amazing stay that will suit their needs.

Bow WOW Country Club officially opened its doors in April 2012 after expanding from Bow WOW home care that opened 2 years earlier. Over the years, we have learned a lot and we would like to share that with you.

When we first started our country club for dogs, we had a vision of dogs running, swimming, and playing together all day long. What we now know is that this is not ideal for every dog.

Our canine friends come to us at varying ages from pups of 4 months to seniors of 15 years old. Some of our visitors are extremely high energy, some are lethargic, and some are anxious and fearful.

We have grown to manage our guests in a manner best suited to their character and temperament, which we first learn about through our temperament test when your dog comes for their first visit, and continue to learn about through your dog’s stay in our daycare or boarding programs.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to send home a happy and healthy dog who has been adequately stimulated both physically and mentally to ensure an optimal, safe, and well-rounded experience.

We do this by:

  • Operating on a small-scale so we can get to know your dog as an individual
  • Running with small groups of dogs in one of our two 5-acre fenced-in parks
  • Supervising the dogs while they enjoy a fun dock-jump or relaxing paddle in our spring-fed pond
  • Playing fetch and following commands for treats to keep them happy
  • Separating the dogs into appropriate playgroups
  • Providing a daycare program that includes hours of outdoor play (or indoor if the weather doesn’t permit), one-on-one cuddle time with our team, and adequate rest breaks

We also understand that your dog is a member of your family and it can be stressful to be away from your dog. We update our Facebook and Instagram pages daily with pictures of your dog having fun with their friends, to help ease your mind while you are away from them.

Meet Our Team