Bow Wow Country Club

“I’ve been sending my dogs to Bow Wow Country Club since our 2 year old poodle was just a puppy. It has become his and his little brother’s second home. It gives me piece of mind to leave them in the capable and loving hands of Gail and her staff when we go away. Our puppy (7months) has been attending puppy daycare with Mallory since he was 4 months and has been making incredible progress with his eye contact and recall.

I attribute my good natured dogs’ behavior, to a combination of mutual respect, love and kindness that they receive at Bow Wow. As soon as I say to Oakley and Bowie, “want to go to Bow Wow?”, they run to the door and wait to go in the car.
They know when we turn into the driveway that they’re going to have fun. I see them in the rearview mirror sit up and start wagging their tails excessively.

I highly recommend sending your dog(s) to Bow Wow and will continue to take mine for years to come.”


“Our dog Kody is a much-loved and cherished member of our family and his well-being means everything to us.  Bow Wow Country Club is Kody’s second home. Gail, Mallory and all the staff at Bow Wow provide a safe, loving and super fun place for Kody to stay whether it’s for a day or longer. Our complete trust in them is well-deserved and we wouldn’t leave him anywhere else.

It’s easy to see that Bow Wow is definitely Kody’s happy place! “


“I have been a client of the Bow Wow Country Club for 3 years now.

My dog Buster, a 25 pound (now approaching 10 years of age) Shih Tzu  mix, is the most loving, best behaved dog. He is great with children and has a gentle temperament, but unfortunately my dog suffers from severe separation anxiety. I had tried various remedies but nothing seemed to help. After many years of house repairs (he would chew the door and walls where you left him) and a new home, I started to do research for doggy daycare places even before I moved. Prior to finding BWCC, I found another facility where he was treated like fast food. Buster hated it and would cry every time I dropped him off and I had to pry him from me. Needless to say he did not stay there long.

After a bit of research, I found Bow Wow Country Club, which was not only in the area, but read some very favourable reviews about the facility. I set up an appointment with Gail and Neil and immediately felt that they were caring loving people; dog lovers that I could trust to take care of my dog. They conducted an interview just to see how he would react to other dogs, which was very refreshing. Almost from the first day, Buster seemed so happy to go. Now he actually pulls me to go in. I have complete peace of mind that my dog is well taken care of. I work full time so Buster is there every day. When we travel, he stays overnight. They treat him like a member of the family. I could not ask for anything more.

I would highly recommend BWCC to anyone.”


“Our Leonberger, Harley has been going to Bow Wow twice a week since he was 6 months old and is now 5. Also when we go on vacation, his second home is Bow Wow. He gets so excited when we turn into the drive and when I pick him up at the end of the day he is asleep on the back seat before we get back onto the highway. There is no better place for him, and the Bow Wow team are wonderful.

Harley has been on the RAWGANIC food produced on site for the last 2 years and we have noticed an improvement in his appetite, gloss on his fur and energy levels. Not that they were bad before, but I always wondered if raw was better and he loves all flavours on offer as well as the treats.

We love Bow Wow and the amazing team that look after our furry four legged family member but more important Harley loves going. We could not happier. “


“I’ve been taking my dogs, Mia and Hunter, to the daycare program at Bow Wow Country Club for the last 4 years. I can’t believe the change in them! They went from being high energy, destructive beasts to calm and happy dogs. With Bow Wow’s 10 acres of fenced in property, they get plenty of exercise and socialization with other dogs. They even learned to swim in the spring fed pond.

Bow Wow also has an excellent overnight program. They have a ‘dog hotel’ on the premises that contains spacious kennels.

I am so happy that we found Bow Wow. The caring and compassionate staff give me peace of mind and my dogs are happy and tired at the end of the day. I would highly recommend Bow Wow Country Club for all of your dog sitting needs.”


“Best place I could ever hope to find for my 17 month old Shepherd! Exercise and socialization in the care of such loving gifted folks have all helped him grow into a much better behaved boy. He comes home happily exhausted with a smile on his face. Great to see the pictures of him and all his new buddies playing!”


“So happy with Bow Wow. My Dane/Mastiff Jack is a rescue and terrified of confined spaces and I was really nervous to leave him for the first time in 2 years! They took such great care of him, he wasn’t cooped up in a crate/space; he was able to roam as he does at home. He came home tired, happy, possibly a pound or 2 skinnier (which he needed!), and they were able to groom him so I got a clean happy dog back!”


“My chocolate lab, Reese has been going to bow wow for a year now! He absolutely loves the pond, park, his puppy friends and the amazing staff! He cries when we turn into the drive way to drop him off! He’s an energetic boy who always comes home exhausted, which ultimately means, he’s not getting into any trouble!

I was also introduced to feeding raw food through Bow Wow and I can’t tell you what a difference that has made in Reese’s life!
Would highly recommend them for any day care or overnight stays!”


“Bow Wow Country Club is a doggie paradise! My black lab absolutely loves it here—he cries with excitement the moment our car turns into the long drive. Every area is fenced, and there are acres for him and his friends to run around in. Best part? There’s a pond where he can swim and it tires him right out! I can’t recommend this daycare/boarding facility enough. Prices are reasonable, the hotel/park areas are well maintained, and the staff is amazing and all dog lovers themselves. They treat every dog like family and that’s what I appreciate the most!”

LEEANNE & MORGAN, very happy clients