RAWGANIC was founded in the spring of 2016 from Bow Wow Owner Neil’s recipe for his own 3 dogs. He noted some inconsistencies in other brands and believed he could formulate a superior product, eliminating the need for supplements.

Our recipe was developed through extensive research, consultation with vets, and trialing with dogs of different breeds. RAWGANIC is now proud to offer the perfect blend for all dogs and life stages.

All ingredients are sourced locally from reputable producers of human grade product. Our dinners are made with the ideal balance of protein, fruits, and vegetables, and we add fish oil to our meals so no supplements are needed. The highest standards of cleanliness and temperature control are maintained at all stages of production and storage.

With experience working with dogs of all sizes and breeds at Bow Wow, we have extensive experience in monitoring reactions to the raw diet and impacts on weight. Along with all the benefits of a raw diet, our team is available to support you during your dog’s transition to raw. We are available to answer any of your questions by phone, email, or in person. We also have an up-to-date Facebook page with answers to frequently asked questions such as how to switch to raw, how much to feed your dog, which meals are best for your dog, and more!

If you buy from us directly, we can check on your dog’s progress over time when you come to pick up your purchase.

Our Products:

  • We have 3 different calcium bases (chicken, turkey, or bone meal)
  • We offer a gentle blend (turkey base) for dogs with small tracheas and will customize orders for dogs with food allergies
  • We have 8 different proteins: chicken, beef, turkey, duck, fish, lamb, surf’n’turf, and rabbit
  • We have a number of high value treats and bake a popular peanut butter pumpkin cookie, which is safe for human consumption too!
  • We package in easy to store and environmentally-friendly 4 ounce bone shaped patties and 2 pound loaves, that thaw quickly, which is perfect for families on the go
  • Our dinners have all the ingredients your dog needs- just thaw and serve!

For more information, check out our website at: rawganicdogfood.ca, follow us on facebook at Rawganic Dog Food, or give us at call at (905) 939-2699.