Overnight Boarding


In-home Boarding:

For those dogs that are smaller or need to be in the presence of people 24 hours a day, we offer in-home boarding. These dogs will enjoy a private dog-bed or can hop on the bed of the club owners – the more the merrier! We’re used to it!

Hotel Boarding:

Filled with private 6X8 and 5X7 suites, our hotel offers a protective “home” for napping, eating, and nighttime sleeping. Each suite has a comfy bed, water bowl, and soft music. The dogs spend time with our team lounging or mingling in the playroom area when not out for walks or playing in yards. Dogs from the same household have the option of sharing a suite if they prefer each other’s company over their own space.

We also have an extra-large family suite for extra-large dogs or families who are boarding 3 or more dogs.

All boarding dogs participate in a daycare program suited to their needs.

We prefer all dogs over the age of 10 months old, or those exhibiting early onset adolescence, to be spayed/neutered.  No female may attend while in season.

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