WOW- One word says it all!

Your furry friends will have the time of their lives playing with old friends and making new ones. We offer both large and small dog areas to ensure the safety of all our guests. Each group is staffed by one of our many dog care experts. Your pet can spend time on the playground equipment or simply playing with buddies. We ensure every dog is comfortable in their group setting and take time to integrate dogs that are anxious initially.

In all of our daycare programs, we customize groupings and handling of each dog to meet any challenges they may have.

Puppy Program:

Because puppies are so impressionable, we take extra special care in those early months. We structure the day to include:

  • Time spent on manners for entering and leaving crate
  • Waiting at gates and doors
  • Focusing on eye contact
  • Sit, stay, and recall
  • Run in the park with a limited number of furry friends

Every dog is different, and some dogs have anxiety or behavioral issues that may prevent them from joining our daycare program right away. Perhaps it is their first time in daycare, or maybe they are just particularly fearful. If their anxiety is moderate, we can spend one-on-one time with these dogs, who are then gradually introduced to one or two specially chosen playmates. This will :

  • Provide dogs with human interaction while gauging their comfort
  • Slowly introduce dogs to appropriate playmates while minimizing anxiety and maximizing safety
  • Constant assessment of dogs’ behavior and progress
  • Prepare dogs to join in the regular daycare program (if appropriate)

Senior Dogs

Many of our senior dogs still want to exercise but also like their space. We allow them to take walks at their own pace. We have many open bedrooms with comfy mats so they can find a corner to rest, away from the crowd.

We are diligent in administering medications as necessary.

We prefer all dogs over the age of 10 months old, or those exhibiting early onset adolescence, to be spayed/neutered.  No female may attend while in season.

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